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Prestige Travel has teamed up with Island Escapes to bring you 'The Gem Collective' featuring some of our favourite tried and tested resorts to make your next holiday choice as effortless and rewarding as possible. 'The Gem Collective' includes a number of trusted family resorts that ensure a holiday that caters for families of all different shapes and sizes.

Resorts that provide complimentary nannies for little ones from 9am to 9pm every single day so that mum and dad can relax and spend some time together or with their older children who by virtue of their age demand (and get) less of their time.

Resort's that take restless teenagers and entertain them with activities that don't require power but rather physical activity and laughter! Resort's that recognize that holidays are not just about the kids but allow mum and dad the opportunity rest, relax and recharge in the absence of school pick-ups, drop offs, taxiing to kids parties, weekend sports and after school activities.


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Travelling Tales

Backroads of Morocco

Sep 25 2017
Although not the best time of year to travel to Morocco, the June sun was kind to us. Our small group of 9 headed off on a Backroads adventure t...

New Tale almost here!

Sep 09 2017

We are busy creating fantastic trips for our clients and will write something up soon.

New Tale coming soon!

Sep 06 2017

We are busy creating fantastic trips for our clients and will write something up soon.

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